What's in that fast food egg white sandwich 2Do you know what’s in that fast food egg white sandwich? You know the one – the one that you thought was a healthy quick breakfast. Think again. First of all, there is nothing healthy about eggs or egg whites to begin with. Secondly, the egg white patty at a fast food joint can have as many as 15 ingredients in it (that’s not counting the bread, and what ever is served with the patty). Eggs are not part of any healthy eating program and certainly are not a part of a healthy weight loss diet. If you struggle with having a health breakfast, Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge hypnosis can help you.

What’s In Your Egg-White Breakfast Sandwich Might Scare You

A consumer might reasonably assume that when a restaurant offers a dish with egg whites, those “whites” will be made entirely of the albumin contained in an egg’s shell. That reasonable consumer would be surprised: Some of the food marketed as “egg whites” have ingredient lists 15 items long. To repeat: An egg white patty — not the entire sandwich, just the patty — can have upwards of 15 ingredients alone.

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What's in that fast food egg white sandwich

 When I was obese, I loved a 3 egg bacon and cheese omelet with pancakes and a ton of syrup. As I lost weight, I switched to egg white omelets thinking that was healthier. The more I studied nutrition and disease, I realized that there was nothing healthy about eggs. Not quite willing to let go of the idea of eggs, I switched to egg substitutes …  and tried to ignore the ingredients. Its now been more than 10 years since I ate an egg. I know that some of the breads and other baked goods that I have eaten on occasion have eggs in them, but I don’t order eggs and will never order an egg white sandwich from fast food.

But, don’t be fooled thinking that you are going to McDonald’s for a healthy breakfast of oatmeal. McDonald’s oatmeal contains more sugar than a Snickers bar and only 10 fewer calories than a McDonald’s cheeseburger or Egg McMuffin. (Even without the brown sugar it has more calories than a McDonald’s hamburger). There are quick, easy and healthy ways that you can have a nutritious oatmeal breakfast on the go.

When you use hypnosis, it is really easy to end your desires for unhealthy foods and create healthy desires for vegetables, whole grains and fruit. When you learn hypnosis you discover how quick, easy and inexpensive it can be to eat nourishing satisfying plant based food.

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