Gina Kolata of The New York Times wrote an intersting article about fat cells. Every year, whether you are fat or thin, whether you lose weight or gain, 10 percent of your fat cells die. And every year, those cells that die are replaced with new fat cells, researchers in Sweden reported Sunday.

The result is that the total number of fat cells in the body remains the same, year after year throughout adulthood. Losing or gaining weight affects only the amount of fat stored in the cells, not the number of cells.

More and more research shows that we have thinking bodies and that our thoughts create our body. Every 14 months you have a whole new body. So use self-hypnosis to create your body. See those fat cells just shrinking to nothing. Use hypnotherapy to increase lean muscle. Hypnosis can support you in maintaining your ideal weight. Here are some excellent tools for weight managment. You might find Is Fate Making You Fat?  and Why It’s Hard To Maintain Weight Loss interesting.

If you’ve lost weight, what is your experience with fat cells? I’d love to hear from you.

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My fat cells shrink away. 

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