Marilyn, (my wife) was driving to the ferry this morning listening to the radio. A singer was being interviewed and was being given a hard time about losing weight and his hating to exercise. The singer laughed and said that the problem is fat on the body just isn’t that big of a deal – that you wear it on your gut and on your butt and that it really doesn’t hinder you that much.

But, he said, “If you wore that fat on your forehead – you would do something about it!”

I have thought about this all day and have shared it with a couple of clients. I really wonder if people knew that if they eat that Snickers bar it will show up on their forehead – would they still eat it? Would knowing that a bacon double cheeseburger & fries was going to be worn on your forehead instead of your rear make a difference? or, would we just get used to it?

Weight loss is so fascinating and I love hearing stories like this!

I encourage you to read The Last Lecture.