The sad news is that as a nation, we are still getting fatter. One result is that since 1995, diabetes rates have doubled in eight states, and every state has high blood pressure rates greater than 20%, and nine have rates above 30%. We are bankrupting our health and our nation as a result of unwillingness to change behavior. It is time for healthcare reform. We can no longer continue eating what we want to eat when we want and as much as we want – that mindset of eating large high calorie, high fat processed meals that are filled with sugar and chemicals cannot continue. This mindset costs us in lives, money, health, and the military leaders tell us that many new recruits are unable to meet the requirements of a soldier endangering our country. There is a simple solution: hypnosis. We are currently in the hypnotic trance of eating for comfort, We can change that. Using self-hypnosis you can change your thoughts, your emotions and your behavior and create a new trance that encourages plant-based healthy food and exercise. Take responsibility for your healthcare and learn hypnosis so that you can live slender for the rest of your life.

Obesity Rates Are Increasing in 16 States

WebMD, July 7, 2011, Adult obesity rates increased in 16 states during the past year, and none of the 50 states showed any decline in their rates of obesity, a study shows. Obesity rates have doubled in seven states since 1995 and increased by 90% in 10 other states; 22 states saw obesity rates increase by as much as 80%, the report shows. The state with the lowest obesity rate today, Colorado, would actually have had the highest rate in 1995, according to the study.

The rate of increase of obesity in children has tripled or quadrupled since the 1970s. We have an even larger wave coming in unless we can turn it around. The onus is on everyone involved. It is not an individual willpower issue. Our behaviors are shaped by the schools we go to, the communities we live in, and the homes we go to. It is a multi-faceted problem that needs a multi-faceted answer.

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At Slender For Life™ you can learn hypnosis and change from that obesity trance to a trance of health and wellness. If you are overweight or obese, do you really like how your body feels? I remember what it was like to weigh over 100 pounds more than I do now and I sure didn’t like how my body felt. Thanks so self-hypnosis I lost weight and I became fully alive. Most of my life I numbed out with food. Food was my drug of choice and it was killing me.

If you are like me, you have probably tried every diet under the sun and failed. In the beginning, I didn’t believe that hypnosis would work for me, but it did! And, I have witnessed hundreds reform their health care with hypnosis for weight loss. Give me a call or send me an email and find out if weight loss hypnosis can work for you. What do you have to lose?

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