Fatty foods and your love life

Did you know that there is a link between fatty foods and your love life? Frequent eating of fatty foods like ice cream deadens dopamine response in the brain. Just like drug addiction, fatty foods reduce the pleasure center activities of your brain.

And like drugs, fatty foods are addictive, you need more to get the same his you used to get with less. To compensate, we over eat and the result is less interest in making love and less energy to do it.

Of course, this isn’t just about sex. This is about loving yourself enough and loving your body enough to give love and care with whole plant-based food.

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Fatty foods and your love life

Best Foods to Improve Sexual Function

Dr. Michael Greger: “So, putting women on a more plant-based diet may help with sexual functioning. Researchers found that improvements in Female Sexual Function Index scores were related to “an increased…intake of fruit, vegetables, nuts and [beans],” and a shift from animal to plant sources of fat. And, the same with men: a significant improvement in international Index of Erectile Function scores.

In fact, the largest study on diet and erectile dysfunction found that “each additional daily serving of fruit[s or] vegetable[s]” may reduce the risk by 10%. But, why? It may be due to the anti-inflammatory effects. Two years on a healthier diet resulted in “a significant reduction [in] systemic inflammation, as indicated by…reduced levels of C[-reactive protein].” Fiber itself may play an “anti-inflammatory role…” Those who eat the most fiber tend to have significantly lower levels of inflammation in their bodies. The opposite was found for saturated fat, associated with an “increased likelihood of elevated C[-reactive protein]” levels.”

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How Fatty Foods May Affect Our Love Life

Dr. Michael Greger: “When we regularly eat calorie dense animal and junk foods like ice cream, we can blunt our pleasure so that we may overeat to compensate. When our brain down-regulates dopamine receptors to deal with all these jolts of fat and sugar, we may experience less enjoyment from other activities as well.

That’s why cocaine addicts may have an impaired neurological capacity to enjoy sex, and why smokers have an impaired ability to respond to positive stimuli. Since these all involve the same dopamine pathways, what we put into our body—what we eat—can affect how we experience all of life’s pleasures.”

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