Fear celebration

When you experience fear, why not have a fear celebration?! Thai is what my Greatest Expression of You post on October 16, 2016, Celebrate Fear is all about.

Seems like in recent weeks fear has been a big topic on many peoples mind. Of course, the natural instinct is to push fear away, stuff it, deny it or some other form of trying to ignore it or make it go away.

Why not simply acknowledge it? It’s amazing that when you acknowledge “Yup, this is scary situation,” it’s like letting the air out of the balloon. You can now walk with the fear and move beyond it. Fear no longer has to hold you back.

In the Big Leap, Gay Hendricks writes, “The best advice I can give you is to take big, easy breaths when you feel fear. Feel the fear instead of pretending it’s not there. Celebrate it with a big breath, just the way you’d celebrate your birthday by taking a big breath and blowing out all the candles on your cake. Do that, and your fear turns into excitement. Do it more, and your excitement turns into exhilaration.

We all have fears that hold us back form being our Best Self. I invite you to click on the button below and read Celebrate Fear.


Fear Celebration

Becoming the Greatest Expression

Becoming the Greatest Expression of You is a series of posts that I began on March 20, 2016. One day I hope to turn them into a book.

I love receiving your feedback. Please let me know your own thoughts on the Greatest Expression of You and how you have benefited using this process.

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I take a big deep breath and celebrate the fear.

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