Fear is the energy

How would you be different if fear is the energy that you use to be and do your best in new situations?

As a small child, you learned to use fear as a reason to not touch the hot stove or stick your finger in the electrical outlet. Fear became a powerfully effective survival mechanism that kept you from doing scary new things. This fear became hardwired in your neurology.

Throughout childhood and into adult life, this same fear keeps you from activities and behaviors that you really want to do but perceive as scary. Fear becomes a reason to not do something that you actually want. Fear becomes an anchor that holds you back. This fear is in most instances self-generated: it is what you perceive in your mind and body.

As you already know, when you feel fear, your body releases into the bloodstream adrenaline, glucose and other energy-producing chemicals.

In moments of fear, your senses are sharpened. You have heightened memory and thought processes. This helps you to process new information quickly, focus on what’s most important and to take action.

But, what if that fear became the jet fuel that propels you forward?

Fear as jet fuel

In those first moments of fear, you can quickly determine if you are about to touch a hot stove or stand up in front of a group and give your presentation. You can determine if you are being chased by the saber-toothed tiger or about to ask someone out on a date or ask your boss for a raise.

It is often said that fear and excitement are two sides of the same coin. Fear is a normal part of life. What you do with fear and how well you shift fear to excitement determines how well you are able to see the opportunity in every moment.

The only difference between fear and excitement is your attitude. So why not make fear the jet fuel that propels you forward in your life?

The focus of your attention is what you create in your life. If you focus on fear, you create fear. If you focus on being your Best Self and successfully achieving your goals, you move towards becoming the greatest expression of you.

When you experience fear, notice the fear without judgement. In other words, when you feel fearful, think to yourself, “Isn’t that interesting? I feel fear.” Notice your thoughts, any other emotions in addition to fear. What is the physical sensation of fear and where do you feel the fear in your body? Notice that it is excitement.

Using the energy of this excitement, focus on the Greatest Expression of You. Bring to mind your Joy and along with the energy of excitement, rocket forward to your goal. Let fear become the energy to become the greatest expression of you.

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Fear is the energy I use to become the greatest expression of me.

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