Fear or joy? Which do you choose?Do you choose to live in fear or do you choose to live in joy? Each of us has the opportunity of choice moment by moment through out the day. When you live mindfully, you can choose live in joy. Mindful hypnosis can help you to be in the moment and choose joy. When you learn self hypnosis and, of course use it, living mindfully can become natural and easy. You can choose to awfulize life and live fearfully or you can choose to embrace the joy of the moment. Which will you choose today?

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I love this video, it makes me smile! I hope that I always choose to live my life like Ria. I can recall too many things in life that I missed out on because like An I chose fear. My hope for you is that you too choose to live mindfully and choose the joy in each moment. Learn self hypnosis and choose to live joyfully!

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Open up your heart and let the sunshine in
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I choose to live my life joyfully.

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