Gut bacteria

There is so much confusion about gut bacteria, whole grains and starch. In this video, Dr. Michael Greger explains how beans, berries, and intact grains reduce colon cancer risk.

Over the weekend at our community pool, I again overheard a conversation about diets.  One woman was describing some fad diet that was supposed to improve gut bacteria. The other woman said that in July (after she returns from vacation) she was going on a liquid diet. As much as I wanted to jump into the conversation, I kept my mouth shut and pondered how I would respond if I was invited into the conversation.

Here is what I encourage: If it’s a fad diet – don’t do it. If it’s some products that you purchase to eat and/or drink – don’t do it. Look at the past 100 plus years of evidence that supports a wholefood plant-based lifestyle for over all health – including gut health.

If you are like most American’s switching from the deadly Standard American Diet (SAD) may seem radical. To me, the diseases, medications and surgeries caused by SAD is radical – especially since many illnesses can be reversed with a whole-grain diet.

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Gut bacteria

Getting Starch to Take the Path of Most Resistance

Michael Greger M.D. FACLM: ” The whole grain diet doubled their stool size, more than the ground grain diet—even though they were eating the same food, the same amount of food. Why? Because there was so much more for our bacteria to eat, they grew so well, they appeared to bulk up the stool. Even though people chewed their food, large amounts of apparently whole seeds were recovered from stools.

But, on closer inspection, they weren’t whole at all; our bacteria were having a smorgasbord. The little bits and pieces left behind after we chew them transport all this starch and goodies straight down to our good bacteria. And, as a result, stool pH dropped, as our bacteria were able to churn out so many of those short-chain fatty acids. And so, whole grains are great, but intact whole grains may be even better, allowing us to feed our good gut bacteria with the leftovers.

Once in our colon, starches have been found to have the same benefits as fiber: softening and bulking our stools, and reducing colon cancer risk by decreasing pH, increasing short-chain fatty acid production, reducing products of protein fermentation—also known as products of putrefaction—and decreasing secondary bile products.”

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I am blessed by the beautiful and delicious food that brings me to full health!

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