If you are feeling stress with the holidays, the economy or just because it is one of those days, hypnosis can definitely help you!

I have had one of those days where things are just harder than they need to be. It started last night when the power went out from a wind storm. When the lights came back on, I could get onto the internet, I could receive email, but could not send it. I called the cable company. They referred me to the internet company who referred to to my web host. And – being Saturday, it’s more challenging to get a hold of anyone – so now I am waiting for a return call.

Thank goodness for hypnosis! I have been using the one minute self-hypnosis several times this morning and its been great for keeping my sanity and finding the humor in it all. As I was reading the paper I went to the comics first, as I usually do, but for some reason stopped to read my horoscope. It read: ‘The work is routine, and somewhat comforting. but it doesn’t follow the familiar plan. Something doesn’t go as expected. Don’t let yourself get upset. You can fix it.” I had to laugh! I usually don’t even read the horoscope – but today’s fits.

The problem isn’t resolved yet, but my shoulders are not touching my ears and my head is not pounding. I am calm and relaxed and going about getting stuff done. That is the great thing about hypnosis: You get to take control of you. With hypnosis help, you can choose to be calm and relaxed even when things don’t go as planned. Use hypnotherapy to accept and love yourself and use life’s experiences to learn and grow.

If you are looking for a quick hypnosis download check out Power Minutes. Power Minutes are 1- 4 minute hypnosis downloads that work great on any MP3 player. I love them because it times of stress I can take a quick moment and play the hypnosis audio recording on my cell phone. It’s easy, quick and soooooooo relaxing!

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Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I am loving myself as I am, using all my experiences to learn and grow.

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