Fiber for weight loss

At Seattle Weight Loss with Roger Moore, my Slender For Life™ Hypnosis for Weight Loss program has been a proponent of the fiber found in plant-based foods since 1990. Why? Because that is what the solid scientific evidence and history supports.

New archeology and anthropology research shows that humans did not survive through the ages on mammoth woolly, lamb or bison. Throughout history, the healthiest humans have lived on root vegetables and grains. Kings and Queens died from the diseases of rich which resulted from eating meat, poultry, seafood and dairy.


The Standard American Diet developed primarily in the economic boon years that followed World War II. Meat and dairy at every meal became a symbol of economic abundance. Sadly, today too many Americans have the preventable diseases of Kings and Queens – diabetes, heart disease, cancer and autoimmune disease.

If you are over weight, fiber for weight loss can be the healthy way for you too to lose weight and keep it off. My Slender For Life™ Hypnosis for Weight Loss program help you to create a large amount of no desire for those foods that make you sick and fat. Weight loss hypnosis can help you to have healthy desires for the plant-based foods that make you slender and trim.

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Fiber and Weight Loss Infographic

A new study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics shows a vegetarian diet helps reduce body weight, which can help you shed excess pounds and reduce the risk for chronic disease. Want to know the secret to why a plant-based diet can help you look good and feel great? Fiber! Fiber is made of indigestible plant roughage that fills you up without adding extra calories. Read Weight Loss RX: Fill Up on Plant-Based Foods

Neal Barnard, M.D.

President, PCRM, Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine

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I love trying health-giving fiber-rich foods.

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