And Lowers Diabetes Risk by Two-Thirds

Eating more fiber — and less fat — can triple your weight loss. Finnish researchers analyzed the diets of 500 middle-age obese men and women, and found that those who consumed more fiber and less fat lost three times the weight over a 3-year period than those consuming a high-carbohydrates, fat, low-fiber diet. This same group was also 62% less likely to develop diabetes!

Fiber helps with appetite control, because it bulks up in your stomach, so you feel fuller longer.  Traveling through your digestive system, fiber carries some fat. This — plus the lower calorie count of fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables — reduces total energy intake. Certain kinds of fiber — like the resistant starch found in bananas — directly increase fat burning by blocking conversion of some  into glucose. The overall nutrient density of fruit and vegetables helps curtail deficiency-fueled overeating.

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I really do enjoy eating a variety of high fiber foods. 

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