Family meals is proven to be an effective means of fighting childhood obesity. I know that families are busy and that parents are both working and running kids from school to sporting events, tutoring, piano lessons and then there is homework and getting the kids in bed. Who has time to plan healthy meals and snacks, shop for vegetables and prepare healthy meals?! Families are more stressed and more rushed than ever before. Since 1997 I have witnessed at Slender For Life™ that families who use hypnosis for weight loss can make it all happen and without all the stress and drama. For children, weight loss has to be a family affair – meaning that all members of the family have to be actively involved in healthy eating and exercise. Bring your family together for family meals at least 3 times each week. Make family meals a family priority.

Family Meals Might Help Kids Keep A Healthy Weight

Reuters Health, May 2, 2011: Kids who sit down to eat with their families are less likely to be overweight and eat unhealthy foods, according to U.S. researchers who call for more shared meals. They found kids who eat with their parents at least three times a week had 12 percent lower odds of being overweight.

The children were also 20 percent less likely to eat junk food, 35 percent less likely to have eating problems like skipping meals or bingeing, and 24 percent more likely to eat vegetables and other healthy foods.

Sitting down together as a family, there are nutritional benefits from that. Families who sit down together could be healthier to begin with but overall the studies show regular family meals are tied to better nutrition. Families that sit down together are less likely to eat high-calorie food. As a result, the researchers encourage families to spend more time together around the dinner table.

Read Family Meals Might Help Kids Keep A Healthy Weight

Make meals a family event in your household. Sit down together around the table with the TV off and commune. Talk and truly listen to each other. Breaking bread together as a family can help prevent childhood obesity and build wonderful family memories. Learn hypnosis for weight loss as a family. Relax, eat slowly and consciously, make healthy choices and exercise.

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I make meals a family event.

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