I know that kids love chicken nuggets, but parents do you know that they are loaded fat and salt? Slender For Life™ parents have been asking me how do they work, get kids to and from school and after-school activities and quickly, easily and affordably feed their children healthy meals. Childhood obesity is preventable. Parents are telling me that thanks to hypnosis for weight loss they have stopped buying junk food and fast food and that their children have adapted to healthy food remarkably well. Are you ready to to do you part in preventing childhood obesity and get your kids off chicken nuggets and mac’n’cheese?

Chicken Nuggets Loaded With Fat, Salt

Chicken Nuggets May Taste Great to Kids, but They Often Lack Nutritional Value

According to a May 4, 2010, WebMD article, Chicken nuggets may be a hit with kids and some adults, but for the most part, their nutritional value is minimal, says a new investigation by Consumer Reports Health.

What’s more, many brands make claims that are misleading, using terms like “whole grain,” “all natural,” or “organic” — which make some people think of the little chicken bites as healthy dinner choices, Consumer Reports Health says.

But whether store-bought or purchased from McDonald’s or other fast food establishments, chicken nuggets pack a wallop of fat and sodium.

Among the major findings:

  • Perdue Baked nuggets scored a “good” rating for nutrition, even though a single 3-4 ounce serving had 160 calories, 8 grams of fat, and 370 milligrams of sodium. It touts its nuggets as having “whole grain breading,” but a serving contains just 1 gram of fiber.
  • Tyson’s chicken nuggets, which claim truthfully they are “100% natural,” contain 17 grams of fat and 470 milligrams of sodium. Tyson’s earned a “fair” rating for nutrition.
  • Three brands earned a “very good” taste rating, but only “good” for nutrition. Market Pantry, by Target, contains 500 milligrams of sodium and 10 grams of fat; Bell & Evans Breaded came in second in taste, with 360 milligrams of sodium and nine grams of fat; Kirkland Signature Disney (Costco) contains 370 milligrams of sodium and 9 grams of fat.
  • The Boca nuggets had 500 milligrams and the Morningstar brand 600 milligrams of sodium. Those brands, though, do have a minor nutritional advantage because they contain more fiber — 3 or 4 grams compared with 0-2 grams for most others. Even two soy-based nuggets, Boca Original Meatless Chik’n and Morningstar Farms Chik’n, contain “a heaping” of sodium, Consumer Reports Health says.

The average person gets about 3,500 milligrams of sodium daily, which is considerably more than the maximum daily recommended amount of 2,300 milligrams. About 77% of sodium in the American diet comes from packaged and restaurant foods, Consumer Reports says. Read Chicken Nuggets Loaded With Fat, Salt.

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