Fight depression with your dietPeople are often surprised when I first suggest to them that you can fight depression with your diet. I first became interested in the relationship of food and mental health in the mid 1990’s while in grad school. Since 1997 in my private practice, I ask all clients to list their nutritional habits for meals and snacks and I ask about water, soda, alcohol and other beverages that they regularly consume. I explain that whole food plant-based nutrition can help alleviate depression and that consuming fats like meat and dairy, processed foods, sweets and consuming soda and alcohol is like pouring gasoline on the fire of depression.

Hypnosis has proven to be effective for depression and for changing eating habits. You too can learn hypnosis at my Roger Moore’s Counseling & Hypnotherapy LLC offices in Seattle and Bainbridge Island or online from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

Diet to Fight Depression?

By Thomas Campbell, MD November 13, 2015: Principle 8 in The China Study is that all things are connected: Our physical, mental and emotional health; Nutrition and physical activity; Spirituality and social connection; Animal welfare, the environment, and even issues of war and peace. These are interconnected issues.

So let’s please keep in mind that although mental illness may drive unhealthy lifestyle choices, it’s also likely that bad food choices actually drive mental illness. In addition to knowing that we are “eating our feelings,” we should also keep in mind that we are “feeling what we eat.”

This is a subtle but powerful shift in how many people think about mental illness, and means there may be a more powerful role for diet in treating depression than we currently acknowledge. Besides, I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the idea of feeling like ground up cow, dead bird, or a spongy, micronutrient-deficient, gas station pastry.

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Those that are depressed are more likely to be obese, and as the depression becomes more severe, the prevalence of obesity increases. To me, no matter what the issue may be, it really gets down to creating a healthier relationship with SELF (including nutrition). That is my underlying goal in all therapy. Rarely is it about fixing someone else or something else – it truly is about making the changes within that allow you to create the joy, love and happiness in your life so you can achieve your goals. Learn hypnosis to fuel your mind and body with whole plant-based food to create joy, happiness and health in your life.

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