Fight diabetes

Hypnosis for diabetes is proving to be an effective method to fight diabetes. People at Bainbridge Hypnosis with Roger Moore have been learning how to reprogram their thoughts, emotions, behavior and perhaps their cells for more than 20 years.

I find this study on Reprogramming Cells to Fight Diabetes particularly interesting. Researchers are searching for ways to reprogram cells. According to neuroscience, when you change your thoughts and your emotions, you can create a new genetic expression. Studies show cellular reprogramming occurs with new thoughts.

You can learn hypnosis for diabetes and reprogram your thoughts, emotions and your behavior. Clients tell me that in 3 to 6 weeks that their blood sugars are in healthy limits thanks to the resulting lifestyle changes that become easy with hypnosis.

Are you living with diabetes? No matter where you may live, give me a call or send me an email and schedule your first hypnosis session.

Fight diabetes

Reprogramming Cells to Fight Diabetes

“To some extent human alpha cells appear to be in a ‘plastic’ epigenetic state. We reasoned we might use that to reprogram alpha cells towards the beta-cell phenotype to produce these much-needed insulin-producing cells.”

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