Filling Your Basket

Pay attention over the holidays and notice how you are “filling your basket”. The holidays are an emotional and stressful time for many. This year, we have the additional stress of the Presidential election. The chances are that gathered around your Thanksgiving table will be someone(s) that voted differently than you and heated emotional conversations can quickly erupt.

The temptation will be to turn to food and drink to fill your emotional basket. The problem with this is, of course, that all of the food in the world will not fill your emotional basket.

Filling your basket requires a new relationship with yourself. One that is loving and nurturing. I am happy to help you with filling your basket so that you have the abundance of love to share your love with your family and friends.

And, with this abundance of love, you can redirect the political conversations to ones of thanksgiving for the abundance that you and your family have been given.

Roger Moore

Roger Moore

For more than 40 years Roger Moore has counseling people in a wide variety of settings. For the past 20 years, he has been in private practice as a Certified Counselor and Registered Hypnotherapist on Bainbridge Island and in the Medical Dental Building in downtown Seattle.

Roger specializes in individual and relationship counseling and in Health Care Support Hypnotherapy.

Filling Your Basket

Have you ever noticed that you are wanting something…like something is missing? You know, more food, a cigarette, alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, a new car, new boy friend, new girl friend, new spouse, new boat, new house…… And then, when you get it, you feel satisfied for awhile, but then you want more, or you want something else? You may recognize it as a feeling of hunger, anxiety, restlessness, nervousness, anger or maybe as fear. Some people know it as a clenched fist feeling in the chest, an upset stomach, a sore neck or back, a migraine headache or other dis-ease.
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Roger Moore

Certified Counselor, Registered Hypnotherapist, Roger Moore's Counseling & Hypnotherapy LLC

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I am filling myself with love.

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