Fish oil or a fish tail?The advice to eat oily fish or take fish oil to lower risk of heart disease, stroke, or mortality is a fish tale according to the evidence. I’m often asked about omega 3 supplements and many of my weight loss clients have been told to take fish oil by someone else. As I posted yesterday in Are you wasting money on multivitamins?, this question is outside my scope of practice. I tell Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge hypnosis clients to talk to their health care provider, do their research and make their own decision. Personally, I don’t take them. It seems to me that the corporate marketers have done their job amazingly well to create such hype about fish oil. Could it be just a fish tale?

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Is Fish Oil Just Snake Oil?

Put all the studies together, and there’s no justification for the use of omega 3’s as a structured intervention in everyday clinical practice or for guidelines supporting more dietary omega-3s. So what should doctors say when their patients follow the American Heart Association advice to ask them about fish oil supplements? Given this and other negative meta-analyses, our job as doctors should be to stop highly marketed fish oil supplementation in all of our patients.

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Dr. John McDougall says that the “fat you eat is the fat you wear.” Fish oil is fat. Does it really make sense to take in fat in the form of a pill when your goal is to reduce the fat on your body?

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