I’ve written on several occasions about rheumatoid arthritis, exercise and self-hypnosis so this article about getting fit at home with your family caught my eye. RA is in my family and when I first started experiencing the pain and inflammation of arthritis I knew that I needed to pay attention. Building on the work of Melissa Roth, I developed a hypnosis program for rheumatoid arthritis that includes healthy eating, exercise and self-hypnosis. If you are suffering with rheumatoid arthritis, ask your medical doctor about exercise and dietary changes. Hypnosis can help you change what you are eating, help motivate you to exercise, help you manage stress and reduce pain.

RA and Exercise: Getting Fit at Home and With Your Family

WebMD: If you have RA, exercise isn’t just about looking good in a cocktail dress or taking off baby weight. It can reduce your pain and help you function better as you do all the million tasks your household requires each day. Plus, it can just plain make you feel better, which is invaluable when a chronic disease like RA is dragging you down. Exercise can also help reduce your risk of osteoporosis, which is a big issue for women with RA, especially if you’re taking steroids to fight inflammation.

Read RA and Exercise: Getting Fit at Home and With Your Family

You can easily use self-hypnosis to reduce the physical, mental and emotional pain of rheumatoid arthritis. Hypnosis for exercise is also excellent for getting you up off the couch and to get you moving. My 88 year-old Mom has demonstrated that you are never to old to start exercising. Thanks to hypnosis, I no longer suffer from the pain and inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis. Learn more about hypnosis for rheumatoid arthritis by clicking here.

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