Food as Medicine

Some day I’d like to do a count of how many times I’ve posted about food as medicine. Over the past 21 years I’ve said it a lot and I’ve been writing about it since the inception of Hypnosis Health Info in July 2007.

I implore you to think of food as medicine. Why? Because it is! For more than 100 years the evidence of the health benefits of a plant-based diet have been mounting.

The acceptance of the whole-food plant-based lifestyle as healthy has been growing worldwide. Many hospitals, medical doctors, Kaiser Permanente and other healthcare professionals now recommend it to ALL their patients.

Sadly, far too Americans are emotionally stuck on the Standard American Diet (SAD) that makes them fat and sick. When you start viewing food as medicine, a whole-food plant-based diet can make you slender and healthy.

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Food as Medicine: Preventing & Treating the Most Dreaded Diseases with Diet

Today, the food industry uses the same tobacco industry tactics: supplying misinformation and twisting the science.

The same scientists-for-hire paid to downplay the risks of secondhand smoke and toxic chemicals are the same hired by the National Confectioners Association to downplay the risks of candy, and the same hired by the meat industry to downplay the risks of meat.

Consumption of animal products and processed foods cause at least 14 million deaths around the world each year. 14 million deaths. 14 million people dead every year. This is not a failure of individual willpower, says the Director-General of the World Health Organization. This is a failure of political will to take on big business, which is a formidable opposition. Few governments are willing to prioritize health over big business. As we learned from experience with the tobacco industry, a powerful corporation can sell the public just about anything.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the tobacco experience, wrote one district judge, it’s how powerful profits can be a motivator, even at the cost of millions of lives and unspeakable suffering.

Read: Food as Medicine: Preventing & Treating the Most Dreaded Diseases with Diet

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I eat to enjoy excellent health.

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