Do you use food to avoid suffering? If you do, you are not alone. Food is often a way of numbing out. Last Sunday evening I was in Forks, WA, (home of Twilight) with the Biggest Losers at Health First Fitness. We were a small intimate group and we started talking about suffering and how we try to deny our feelings. Too often, we don’t allow ourselves to feel our real and very human emotions. We resist feeling anger, hurt, fear and sadness. We work to deny our feelings. The problem is that it’s like trying to not think of something – as in “Don’t think of a blue cow.” The only way to not think of a blue cow is to think of it. The same is true with our feelings. The more we try to not feel an emotion, the bigger the emotion becomes. What we really need to do is to be mindful – to be present and conscious in your body – to acknowledge feelings. When we acknowledge what we are experiencing, it’s like letting the air out of a balloon and our upset becomes much smaller. Hypnosis is excellent for creating mindfulness so that you can be in the moment and know that you are OK. Learn hypnosis and be present in this moment – be mindful and move forward in your life.

Don’t Think About Your Thoughts

What thought do you have that contributes to your suffering?

How many times have you had this thought this week?

Now, try to not think this thought for 5 minutes.

How many times did you have your thought while you were trying to not think about it?

In the next 5 minutes, think about what ever you want.

How many times did you think your thought when you allowed yourself to think about anything at all?

Adapted from Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life:
The New Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

by Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D.

If you try to not feel a bad feeling, such as pain, you tend to feel it more intensely. When you suppress thoughts in the presence of an emotion, eventually the emotion evokes the thought, and the suppression strategies evoke both the thought and the emotion. Hypnosis allows you to be mindful – to be present in the moment so that you can move beyond the emotions and move forward in your life.

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I’m mindful and I’m moving forward!

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