Whether you are overweight or not, the food that you eat does have a direct connection to how you feel. Your digestive system contains millions of nerve cells that operates as a second brain. You are what you eat, is more true today than ever before; eat badly, feel bad; eat well, feel well. Foods in their natural state provide the body with the necessary fuel it needs to function optimally. Minimally processed foods contain a high vitamin content, natural fiber, antioxidants, and lower calories. Healthier eating is not a diet; it is a lifestyle change that your body will thank you for, today and in the future. Thanks to self hypnosis, I made the switch from the fat, sugar and salt of processed food to plant based food that makes me feel great. I’ve never been leaner, stronger or healthier. Learn hypnosis and change how you eat. You too can lose weight and feel great!

Food: A Direct Connection To How You Feel

NaturalNews, July 8 2012: Ever wonder why you are in pain, feeling tired and sluggish, frequently sick, have less than radiant skin, or just can’t seem to focus? The answer may very well lie in the meals you eat on a daily basis. Food plays a direct role in why you feel the way you do. Making smarter choices by incorporating natural, raw foods into your diet will help to alleviate common symptoms and allow you to live a healthier, symptom-free life.

Processed, chemically and genetically altered foods wreak havoc on your body, especially when ingested regularly over long periods of time. Chronic pain, learning disabilities, increased medical bills, fatigue, frequent illness, sleep disturbances and irritability can occur when nutritionally poor food choices are made on an all too regular basis. Animal products, sugar, artificial colors, preservatives and chemical sweeteners have negative, long-term effects on the body.

Read Food: A Direct Connection To How You Feel for a list of common foods in the American diet and some of their associated negative health effects.

People who eat “clean” reap the health benefits both inside and out, including: clearer skin, less pain and sickness, decreased prescription medications and medical bills, improved sleep, energy levels and mood, and an overall improvement in their quality of life. Plant based food makes you feel great and can support you with maintaining your healthy ideal weight.

When you eat great, you feel great. Great eating is easy when you learn hypnosis.

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