Do you ever wonder if that food craving is all in your head? Research indicates that obese individuals often anticipate more reward, but don’t always get it. This is possible because anticipatory rewards and consumatory rewards activate different regions in the brain. A craving is a thought. You are the master of all your thoughts and feelings. Clients at my Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island weight loss offices know that you can change your thoughts and feelings with weight loss hypnosis. What about you? Are you ready to change those thoughts in your head?

Obese individuals have increased metabolism in the somatosensory cortex, which suggests enhanced sensitivity to various sensory properties of food. Obese individuals also have decreased metabolism in prefrontal regions that are involved in inhibitory control. This may underlie their inability to control food intake. It is not clear whether such abnormalities predate (i.e., cause or contribute to) compulsive overeating, whether they are a consequence of overeating, or both (vicious cycle). Nevertheless, mounting evidence suggests that chronic consumption of highly palatable foods can alter brain function similar to drugs of abuse, particularly within the mesolimbic dopamine reward pathway (and perhaps other areas of the brain as well).

We live in an obesogenic environment: The possibility that hyperpalatable foods may rewire our neural reward circuitry is a great concern, especially when one considers our current obesogenic environment in which encounters with food are both intense and frequent.

So, yes, I think that a food craving is all in your head. The good news is that means you can change it! Using weight loss hypnosis you can step out of that obesogenic environment and make healthy plant-based choices. Real food (plant-based food) is not physically addictive the way that the hyperpalatable foods marketed to us today are. No one is addicted to broccoli! You can eat as much broccoli as you want without becoming physically dependent on it.

Thoughts always precede action. You control your thoughts and every action to eat. You know that a craving is just a thought. And, like all thoughts, you know that you created it so you can change, discard it, let go of it. You are always aware of your eating and any desire or thought to eat. You control your eating habits easily and effortlessly. Your thoughts flow with enthusiasm to achieve a healthy more slender you.

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My thoughts flow with enthusiasm to achieve a healthy more slender me.

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