Food cravings - what's the causeHave you ever wondered about the cause of your food cravings? According to Rosane Oliveira at the UC Davis Integrative Medicine Program, cravings are simply signals that you want something. If you’re tired, you ‘crave’ sleep. When you’re thirsty, you ‘crave’ liquids. But cravings don’t differentiate between healthy and natural ones or self-destructive ones. For many of us, we crave comfort foods when we need to be comforting. I know that I sure did!

When I weighed 260 pounds I turned to cookies, cinnamon rolls and bakery breads anytime I felt the least bit unaccepted or unloved. I craved Grandma’s food is love comfort foods.

Thanks for hypnosis for weight loss, I took the weight off 19 years ago and I’ve kept it off ever since. At the Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore weight loss hypnosis program Slender For Life™, you can end your cravings for the foods that make you fat and sick.

Crushing the Cravings

UC Davis Integrative Medicine, Rosane Oliveira, July 9, 2015:

Your Cravings—Physical or Mental?

Cravings can be both physical and emotional in origin.

From a purely physiological point of view, cravings often stem from a nutritional deficiency. Plant compounds, particularly micronutrients, are intrinsic to cellular metabolism and therefore act as a satiety switch. When we eat whole plant foods, our bodies stop looking for them. However, when we eat foods devoid of micronutrients (e.g. refined foods), our cravings kick in as our bodies continue to look for that next bite that may contain the micronutrients they need.

Equally, a craving can be induced when you eat a diet high is SOS foods. As Dr. Doug Lisle says, SOS-rich foods hyper stimulate us; they make us want more. Just think about chocolate chip cookies and potato chips! You will find the more you eat, the greater the cravings become.

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Hypnosis for weight loss with Slender For Life™ can help you create new cravings for foods that make you slender and healthy. After all, it all gets down to imagination and imagination will always win. You can either imagine the cookie, ice cream or chips or you can imagine the grapes, tomatoes and potatoes. Learn weight loss hypnosis and crush the unhealthy cravings.

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