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How is your food pharmacy? For the past 23 years, I have been focused on food as medicine. So many of today’s diseases are the result of the Standard American Diet which makes you fat and sick.

New York city has an interesting program to prescribe fruits and vegetables to low-income New Yorkers. One of the interesting aspects of this program is that it involves independent pharmacies that serve low-income areas.

People typically visit their pharmacies far more regularly throughout the year than they do their doctor. And pharmacies, too, are often located within the neighborhoods in which their customers live.

It’s an interesting concept and I encourage you to read the full article. And, I strongly encourage you to give up the Standard American Diet that makes you sick and fat. Hypnosis can help you do that.

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Food pharmacy

Building a bridge from farm to pharmacy

July 18th, 2019: “New York City is expanding a unique prescription program that helps low-income residents with health risks afford more fresh produce. Called Pharmacy to Farm, it will now serve patients at 16 drug stores located throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens—up from just 3 at its launch in 2017.

The program gives qualifying residents $30 per month to spend at farmers’ markets across the city. So, really, the program doesn’t actually prescribe anything in a traditional sense—but let’s not argue over semantics. To participate, New Yorkers have to meet two criteria: They must receive food stamps (SNAP) and they must be prescribed medication for high-blood pressure—a condition which is linked to stroke and heart disease and which affects 28.8 percent of adults in the city.”

Read Building a bridge from farm to pharmacy

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The New Food Economy

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