If you are like most of us, you have used food as a reward.What has been surprising to me is how many people are unaware of how they have used food as a reward. Slender For Life™ clients learn to recognize food rewards and they learn the mindfulness self hypnosis weight loss tools that help you reward yourself in ways that are safe, healthy and ecological in all areas of your life. How have you used food as a reward? is this weeks reading from Becoming Slender For Life.

How have you used food as a reward?

Recall some instances when you used food as a reward. See if a pattern develops. Are there certain situations where you are most apt to crave a food reward? They are likely to be times when you are emotionally aroused. Having a confrontation with a demanding boss is much more likely to trigger a desire for food rewards than simply cleaning your house.

Now make a list of typical events that trigger your need for food rewards, leaving space to write after each one. When you are done, after each event write a new kind of reward that would be more appropriate than food. For example, holding your ground with your boss and not acting like a doormat might get rewarded with a weeknight outing to a movie, or perhaps a trip to the bookstore to browse for something on self-empowerment, or maybe you’d rather have a massage. The key is to match the reward to the level of achievement. Only you know what that is for you.

Then, keep this list in mind the next time you catch yourself thinking about a food reward, and enjoy a healthier alternative instead.

Andrea was working on her self-esteem issues and came up with a fun reward system that emphasized the new self-empowerment she felt. “Being a very visual person, I wanted to honor important benchmarks in my progress with something tangible—to replace the chocolate cakes I used to bake for myself. So I decided to buy a long gold chain necklace that I’d wear every day and add small heart charms for every accomplishment. Each charm was different and had some connection to the achievement. Some had tiny gemstones and others engraved words. For a weight-loss milestone I added a diamond heart. I can wear this necklace under my clothes so no one has to know—or ask me to explain it. The heart charms rest right above my own heart as a constant reminder of my progress. I have so much fun shopping for each new addition to my necklace, that I totally forget about the chocolate cake I’m not eating!”

From Becoming Slender For Life, second edition,
pages 70 – 71

It is very OK to reward yourself in ways that support you in all areas of your life. Going shopping and maxing out your Nordstrom’s charge card is not ecological. Look for ways that you can reward your self that are both immediate and that are long-term. Often, the best rewards come from within.

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I am rewarded by utter happiness and a state of tranquility.

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