Do you know what foods are most addicting and why? Research shows that people are most likely to “binge” on highly palatable, energy rich foods. These foods are typically high in fats, sugars, or often both. Binge episodes often involve consumption of bread or pasta, followed in frequency by sweets, fatty foods, or salty snacks. Individuals with a preference for bingeing on sweet foods tend to binge more frequently. Addictive foods appear to be those that provide the most seductive rewards – those that raise dopamine levels the highest or the fastest. Foods such as sugar and other refined sweeteners, other refined carbohydrates such as flour, fat, salt and caffeine are thought to have the greatest addictive potential. Like drugs, these foods may not become addictive until they are extracted and concentrated by modern industrial processes. Hypnosis can help you overcome addiction to processed food. At Slender For Life™ you can learn the hypnosis weight loss tools that will support you with healthy weight loss.

Characteristics of Addictive Foods:

• Refined – by an industrial process
• Potent – high concentration of rewarding ingredients that may act as psychoactive agents
• Combined in entirely unnatural ways that enhance the addictive force. While high fat and high sugar foods are both reinforcing, the combination of two is particularly reinforcing. Animals will work harder for these foods, even when not hungry. Examples of these artificial combinations include: soft drinks (sugar and caffeine), doughnuts
• Soft drink manufacturers state that caffeine is added as a “flavor enhancer”, but it is more likely that it is added for mood-altering and dependence inducing properties and to enhance a conditioned taste preference for foods and beverages containing added sweetener
• Chocolate is not just a single druglike compound—it’s basically the whole drugstore: traces of mild opiates, caffeine, amphetaminelike components, and the equivalent of a slight whiff of marijuana, all wrapped into a smooth, sweet taste. Medical researchers have accepted its addictive potential for decades

My book, Becoming Slender For Life and it’s hypnosis CD set has the tools and guidance to support you with healthy weight loss. Learn weight loss hypnosis and set yourself free from the addiction to processed food.

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