I have been writing quite a bit lately about what not to eat so I thought it appropriate that this weeks reading from Becoming Slender For Life is about the foods you should eat. At Seattle weight loss I know that changing food choices and lifestyle habits can really be easy when you learn self hypnosis for weight loss. You really don’t have to suffer to lose weight. Learn hypnosis and make weight loss easy.

The foods you should eat include the following:

All whole grains and whole-grain cereals: such as brown rice, quinoa, corn, oatmeal, barley, millet and wheat berries; many packaged grain cereals, puffed grains and other healthful cereals containing less than 7 grams of sugar.
Squash: such as acorn, butternut, buttercup, pumpkin and zucchini.
Root vegetables: such as potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams.
Legumes: such as peas, split peas, black eyed peas, string beans, chick peas, lentils, adzuki, navy, pinto and black beans.
Green and yellow vegetables: such as collard greens, broccoli, kale, mustard greens, cabbage, various types of lettuce and watercress, celery, cauliflower, carrots, asparagus and tomatoes.
Fruits: such as apples, bananas, berries, grapefruit, oranges, peaches and pears. (Limit these to two servings per day.)

A fiber-rich diet is essential. Fiber makes foods filling without being fattening. High-fiber foods also hold blood sugar levels steady, which prevents you from falling prey to impulse eating. Fiber makes you feel more like you’ve had enough to eat by filling up your stomach to a greater extent. Fiber delays the emptying of the stomach and reduces the transit time in the intestines. Fibers are made only by plants and found only in vegetable foods. There is no fiber in beef, pork, chicken, lobster, cheese, egg or other animal-derived foods.

Here’s what my client Sonya had to say about this way of eating. “I was thinking ‘Here we go again, another diet.’ But I let go of two pounds this week, and I even had my family over for dinner. I served roasted vegetables with no butter and no oil and my dad went on and on about how good they were. Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal. I’m discovering this is very doable.”

And Karen added, “I am enjoying experimenting with various grains. I made tacos with bulgur and they were really good. I’d serve them to company!”

One good way to think about this is to become a flexitarian— someone who is not overly rigid about food choices, and allows for occasional indulgences on holidays, birthdays and so on.

That approach can stave off any feelings of deprivation that you might feel if you were the only one not eating a piece of birthday cake. This eating plan is not meant to make you feel bad about what you eat—conversely, it’s meant to make you feel good that you’re taking such great care of yourself—and getting your weight under control in the bargain!

Suzanne Havala Hobbs, a health policy professor at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, credits the growth of flexitarianism to the nation’s better understanding of the diet-disease connection. “Whether you make a commitment to eating strictly vegetarian or not, cutting back your dependence on meat is something most people acknowledge they know they should do,” she said in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

After a lifetime of yo-yoing, Mike arrived in my office fairly skeptical, but desperate. It took him quite awhile to work out a balanced flexitarian plan for himself, but he stuck with it and finally achieved his weight release goals. “I stopped craving chocolate, I eat more fruit, and I love brown rice now. I mostly eat vegan at home, but I eat chicken a few times a week when I eat out. I haven’t had a burger in two years! I have an eating style now that I can use anywhere. It’s rare that I can’t find something to eat when out or at a friend’s. I eat better food now—mostly organic.”

There are many ways to be a flexitarian, so experiment and see what works for your lifestyle. What we eat often impacts others. If you’re also trying to lead your family in a healthier direction—and why wouldn’t you?—then you may need to bring different family members along at their own pace.

Stephen gave it a try and was surprised at the results. “I think your approach to food is bold and refreshing and will be in wonderful alignment with so many people who are already vegetarians or at least leaning that way. I think the flexitarian attitude is a winner, because it doesn’t make you bad or wrong if you want to eat some meat. One thing that I got from you and adopted long ago was to view meat as a condiment. As a serious carnivore, I happily found no problem cutting the percentage of meat in my recipes by 50-70 percent, with the added benefit of being able to stretch recipes further, spend less and
cook less.”

During the week you may eat a mainly vegan diet, then on the weekends enjoy dining out and having meat or other food options. The scope of Slender For Life™ is not to convince you to eat a certain food plan, but to teach you how to make conscious choices— conscious decisions that will ultimately result in releasing weight and maintaining your healthier self for the rest of your life.

One essential point is to not think of this way of eating as a diet that you follow until you reach your goal weight. As we all know, that kind of thinking piles the pounds right back on the minute you revert to your old ways. No, this has to be a change for life, a change to a better life. If someone told me that I can never have ice cream again in my life, I would probably be the first one in line at the ice cream counter. And yet it’s been years since I have eaten ice cream, because I simply have no desire for it.

From Becoming Slender For Life, second edition,
page 132 – 134

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