Forks Over Knives: How a Plant-Based Diet Can Save America

For more than 2,800 years, the concept of eating plants in their whole-food form has struggled to be heard and adopted as a way of life. However, recent evidence shows that more than ever a plant-based diet is not something to be ignored. In fact, eating a plant-based diet has become an urgent matter from several perspectives. Not only will it improve your health — and the evidence behind this claim is now overwhelming — but it will also dramatically reduce health care costs, as well as reduce violence to our environment and to other sentient beings.

If you are one of those that just can’t imagine life without fish, chicken, beef, pork or dairy, think again. The answer is so simple! Take responsibility for your health by eating plant-based meals. With hypnosis for weight loss, it rally can be simple. Learn hypnosis and change your health.

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