Free End of Life Doula Training

I’m thrilled to co-host the Free End of Life Doula Training at the Erickson Theater at Seattle Central College from 6:00 – 9:00 PM on Friday, April 20. 2018.

My colleague Kelley T. Woods and I are hosting Suzanne B. O’Brien, who is an RN and #1 best selling author and the creator of Doulagivers.

Suzanne will be offering her Doulagiver End-of-Life certification April 20 – 22. Friday night April 20, is open to the public. You can attend Friday night for free or for a suggested $40.00 donation.

The Doulagivers Free End-of-Life Doula Training allows families to regain and learn the skills of how to care for a dying loved one. This was something that was handed down generation-to-generation 100 years ago. We are bringing this skill back and it is changing the world.

The Doulagivers End of Life Doula Model of Care has been used in The United States, Canada, Thailand, Australia, Belize, Curacao, and the Philippines. It is our great privilege to help support communities to develop their own Doulagivers resource network so that they may care for their own communities.

Free End of Life Doula Training

The three phases of end of life and what each mean

  1. The Shock Phase– Learn what you can “say” and do for someone who has just received the very emotional and paralyzing terminal diagnosis.
  2. The Stabilization Phase– Understanding what it takes to reach a Stabilization Phase and how attaining one is critical to transforming the end of life journey.
  3. The Transition Phase- You will learn what to expect in The Transition Phase. The Transition Phase is the period of time right before a person dies. It can often times be the most stressful period of the end of life journey. You will learn what you can expect and what you can do for comfort.

Supporting someone at the end of life is not only empowering, but is incredibly loving.

Hospice nurse and End of Life advocate Suzanne B. O’Brien, RN

#1 Best Selling Author and Creator of Doulagivers Offers Free End of Life Doula Training in Seattle, WA.

Doulagivers Level 1 End of Life Community Training: The Level 1 End of Life Community training was

created so that anyone and everyone can have a basic knowledge of End of Life Care. This training is offered for free or a $40 suggested donation and is available on the Doulagivers website if you cannot attend the live training so that family caregivers are better prepared when taking care of a loved one.

By having this knowledge, you will be of service to someone who needs
your support at one of the most important times of their life.

Suzanne B. O'Brien, R.N.

Founder and Creator Doulagivers End-of-Life Doula Training

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