Carol, a Slender For Life™ client lost 50 pounds with hypnosis.


Carol says, “I was in denial. I didn’t know how heavy I was and now I am comfortable in a swim suit.

I was out of control. I was addicted to sugar and salt and I couldn’t say “no”. After the very first hypnotherapy session my cravings for unhealthy foods just disappeared. I never had another thought about them again.

I have never been successful before at keeping the weight off. Slender For Life™ is life long. I’m in control. It’s just so easy. I eat when I am hungry and stop eating when I feel satisfied, no cravings.

I used to be sedentary and now thanks to Slender For Life™ I love to move my body and it is easier for me to get out of the bath tub. I am now more relaxed, more organized and I’m in control.

Carol now uses her self hypnosis and Power Minutes to effortlessly maintain her ideal weight.

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I effortlessly maintain my ideal weight.