Functional Medicine and Hypnosis

At Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore I have been talking about functional medicine and hypnosis for almost 21 years. Traditional medicine fails miserably in the care of the chronic diseases that affect over 125 million Americans.

My approach with Healthcare Support Hypnosis is that your body was created to be healthy and it was created to heal. Your body is intelligent and can self-regulate. With self-hypnosis you learn to support the normal healing mechanisms of your body. New and ongoing scientific research demonstrates the effectiveness of hypnosis as a health and wellness modality.

If you are living with an autoimmune disease, cancer, chronic pain, dementia, obesity or other health challenge, Healthcare Support Hypnosis can benefit you. Call or email Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore and lets get you moving forward on your journey to health and wellness today.

Health is not just the absence of disease, but a state of immense vitality.

Healthcare Support Hypnosis in your community

Healthcare Support Hypnosis with Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore is available in your community. If you live too far from my Seattle office in the Medical Dental Building in downtown Seattle or from my Bainbridge Island office, we can meet online from your home or office.

People who are unable to travel or who live in other states or countries have found that online Healthcare Support Hypnosis can be powerfully effective. Call me at 206-903-1232 and learn how easy online therapy can be for you.

The 5 Principles of Functional Medicine, by William Cole, D.C.September 5, 2012: “Here lies the clear distinction and definition of Functional Medicine. Instead of asking, “What drug matches up with this disease?” Functional Medicine asks the vital questions that very few conventional doctors ask: “Why do you have this problem in the first place?” and “Why has function been lost?” and “What can we do to restore function?” In other words, Functional Medicine looks to find the root cause or mechanism involved with any loss of function, which ultimately reveals why a set of symptoms is there in the first place, or why the patient has a particular disease label.”
Read The 5 Principles of Functional Medicine

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Every day is a new day filled with health.

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