Daniel Cleary

Daniel Cleary

So what does gardening have to do with hypnosis? As it turns out, a lot. The obvious is that when we are out there pulling weeds, planting seeds, mowing the grass or just smelling the lilacs, we are in trance.And then, there is this wonderful story by Daniel F. Cleary that is titled Gardening in the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library. What I love about Gardening is that I have on occasion emailed it to a Slender For Life™ client who was beginning to say “I can’t”. Just by reading this article, they were able to make the turn-around to “YES I CAN!”


Years ago, I learned from a client the power of using their own stories to create an outcome that freed them to excel. The client was addressing weight issues and at the second or third session she said “I can’t do this. I have no patience.”

This (story) is an example of allowing the client to access resources they already possess but haven’t recognized and use them toward success. I challenged her belief system and got her to tell me HOW she knew to be successful. Drawing from her the most effective story that included all the resources she needed to use to create what she wanted. By telling me how mistaken I was, she became involved, passionate and very clear about all the things that would be required to grow her garden. Please notice that the story was hers. Read Gardening by Dan Cleary.

Are you ready to give up I can’t and live a life of I CAN!? If you are ready, then hypnosis may be the solution for you. And if you are ready and willing to take on the attitude of I CAN for weight loss, then check out Slender For Life™ . Remember, you really do have all the tools and resources that you need, it is a matter of learning how to make the best use of them. Learn self-hypnosis and make it happen for you.

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I have all the tools and resources that I need.

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