Too much TV time can be bad for kidsblood pressure so get hypnosis help and send them outside. Children are naturals at hypnosis and it is easy for them to use. Sure, it’s easy to just blame the parents, but in today’s stressed and busy world, the TV is a convenient babysitter. Parents can use self-hypnosis to manage stress and kids can use hypnotherapy for sports and academics. You can learn how to do hypnosis right here at Hypnosis Health Info.

Megan Rauscher reports in Reuters Health that You knew too much TV could be bad for kids in general. Now, hints a study released Monday, too much time in front of the tube, even playing video games, may increase a child’s risk of developing high blood pressure.

The findings held regardless of whether the children were overweight or thin.

“We’ve known from previous studies that sedentary behaviors are linked to obesity, and that obesity is linked to high blood pressure, but this is the first time that we’ve linked those behaviors directly to elevated blood pressure,” Dr. Joey C. Eisenmann of Michigan State University in East Lansing, who was involved in the study.

In the study, Eisenmann and colleagues tracked the physical activity levels of 111 3 to 8-year-olds for one week. The children wore an accelerometer to determine how active they were and parents reported how much time their youngster spent watching TV, playing video games, painting, sitting or taking part in other low-exertional activities.

The results showed that the children were sedentary for an average of 5 hours each day and logged an average of 1.5 hours of screen time each day.

And while sedentary behavior was not significantly related to blood pressure, TV viewing and screen time — but not computer use — did seem to impact blood pressure.

Regardless of body weight, blood pressure was significantly higher in children who had the most TV and screen time compared to children with the lowest TV and screen time (less than 30 minutes per day, on average), the team found.

To combat the problem, Eisenmann stresses that parents and children need to adhere to limits set by the American Academy of Pediatrics of no more than 2 hours of TV watching per day and that needs to be combined with at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day.

Read the full article, Too Much TV Time Bad For Kids’ Blood Pressure.

So kids, get out of the house! Use hypnosis to motivate you for sports and to improve your academic performance.

Parents, get hypnosis help and protect your children from high blood pressure. Use self-hypnosis to manage your stress. Use the tools here at Hypnosis Health Info so that your family can learn how to do hypnosis

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I encourage children to be physically active.

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