Get Nutrients From Food Not Vitamins

Get Nutrients From Food Not Vitamins

I am often asked about multivitamins and my response is that I get my nutrients from food, not from vitamins. After years taking vitamins I have been researching the literature on the pros & cons of vitamin supplements. I listened to and read Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Dean Ornish and others and I came to the decision to stop wasting my money. I never tell clients to not take vitamins, I tell them to talk with their health care professionals, do the research and come to their own conclusion.

Do you think that you don’t like the vegetables, fruits and grains that that provide the nutrition that you need? Well, that’s where hypnosis comes in. With hypnosis and NLP, you can change your food desires. It really is about hypnosis mind control – you learning how to hypnotize with self-hypnosis and taking control of your mind. At the Seattle Hypnosis office of Roger Moore’s Counseling & Hypnotherapy LLC you can get the hypnosis secrets to make positive changes in your nutritional habits.

On February 9, 2009, the Seattle PI had an AP story by Lindsey Tanner wrote that “The largest study ever of multivitamin use in older women found that the pills did nothing to prevent common cancers or heart disease. Research has focused on cancer and heart disease in particular because of evidence that diets full of vitamin-rich foods may protect against those illnesses. But that evidence doesn’t necessarily mean pills are a good substitute. Researcher Marian Neuhouser of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, offered this advice: “Get nutrients from food. Whole foods are better than dietary supplements,” Neuhouser said.

Eric Jacobs, an American Cancer Society epidemiologist, said that although his group doesn’t advise vitamins to prevent cancer, it does recommend maintaining a healthy weight and eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily while limiting red meat. Similar habits also are thought to help reduce heart disease risks.”

According to Dr. John McDougall, “Vitamin supplements, save one, can be deadly. Vitamins and minerals are essential for our health when delivered in their natural plant packages. Once isolated and concentrated into pills they can cause nutritional imbalances, sickness, and death. Vitamin D is actually a hormone made in the body with sunlight. Unnatural living can result in Vitamin B12 deficiency—this is the only supplement I recommend.”

OK – I’ll admit that on the rare occasions that I get a cold, I load up on Vitamin C, but beyond that, I focus on eating foods from every color of the rainbow. There was a time in my life when I rarely ate fruit and vegetables and the closest thing to a grain I ate was white bread. But, thanks to learning how how use self-hypnosis, I got mind control and I now love a wide range of healthy foods. And you can have hypnosis mind control too! Learn how to hypnotize yourself with the Light Switch Self-Hypnosis technique and start craving healthy foods from every color of the rainbow.

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I crave healthy food from every color of the rainbow.

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