Girls are reaching puberty earlier than everHave you noticed that girls are reaching puberty earlier than ever? I was intrigued when I saw this article by Joel Fuhrman, M.D., and saddened when I read it. 16% of girls enter puberty by the age of 7, and about 30% by the age of 8. That to me is inexcusable, unforgivable and outrageous. What are we doing to our children?! I’ve often quoted Dr. John McDougall, it seems appropriate again: “The pain and suffering inflicted on children by the American diet is so brutal that if it were administered with a stick, parents would be put in jail.

You know that I am all about healthcare reform which begins with each of us being responsible for our own health care. In regards to children, healthcare reform is the responsibility of parents. Young children, parents, families and yes, YOU, can easily learn hypnosis for health. You can change your eating and food shopping habits with self-hypnosis. Create a healthy new nutritional lifestyle for you and for your family with self-hypnosis.

Girls are Reaching Puberty Earlier Than Ever

Joel Fuhrman: Today in the U.S., about 16% of girls enter puberty by the age of 7, and about 30% by the age of 8. A recent study determined that the number of girls entering puberty (defined by breast development) at these early ages has increased markedly between 1997 and 2010.1

Taking all this data together, we can estimate that the normal, healthy age at menarche under conditions of excellent nutrition without caloric excess, would probably fall somewhere between 15 and 18. But today in the U.S., about half of girls begin developing breasts before age 10, and the average age at menarche is less than 12 ½ and still declining.

Why is this happening?
The neurological and hormonal systems that regulate pubertal timing are complex, but research has identified a number of environmental factors that may be contributing to the decline in age at puberty:

  • Increasing rates of childhood overweight and obesity
  • Increased animal protein intake
  • Other dietary factors:
  • Exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs)

What can parents do to protect their children?

  • Children’s diets should focus on whole plant foods rather than animal foods – this will keep protein intake in a safe range and reduce their consumption of EDCs.
  • Minimize dairy products in children’s diets – use almond and hemp milks instead of cows’ milk
  • Encourage children to exercise and exercise with them.
  • Minimize processed foods – these are calorie-dense and nutrient-poor, and they promote obesity and other diseases.
  • Children’s diets should include as wide a variety of natural plant foods as possible including, green vegetables, squashes, corn, carrots, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, avocados, beans, fruits and whole grains. This means that healthy eating is a lifetime event.
  • Buy organic produce when possible to avoid synthetic pesticides.
  • Minimize children’s exposure to BPA:
    • Avoid use of rigid polycarbonate plastics (recycling label #7) whenever possible.
    • Do not use plastic water bottles.
    • Do not microwave in plastic containers.
    • Minimize the use of canned foods and avoid canned infant formulas.32
  • Minimize children’s exposure to phthalates
    • Avoid plastics marked with recycling label #3 (PVC) whenever possible.
    • Check ingredient lists on personal care products for phthalates. Also be aware that “fragrance” listed as an ingredient often means that the products contains phthalates. For more information, visit the Environmental Working Group’s guide to children’s personal care products.

To conclude, the earlier occurrence of puberty is an ominous event that we can stop. We can even win the war on breast cancer in America and prevent millions of young females from developing it. The answer however, must begin in the way we feed ourselves and our children. The most effective type of health care is vigilant and excellent self care.

Read Girls are Reaching Puberty Earlier Than Ever

Dr. Fuhrman writes that, “The most effective type of health care is vigilant and excellent self care.” Study after study shows that a whole food plant based lifestyle is the most effective way prevent and reverse illness and disease. Most of the health issues that are bankrupting our nation are foodborne. Most of these health issues are preventable and reversible

I’m also a big believer in creating healthcare reform by voting with my wallet. I encourage you to stop buying foods and stop ordering foods in restaurants that make you and your family fat and sick. If you are ready to reform the health care for you and your family, hypnosis for health is here for you.

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My health care is vigilant and excellent self care.

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