Today I give – now please click on the link below and donate to the Arms Around Bainbridge Spin-a-thon 2013 and help us support people living with life threatening illness. In my 40 years of professional service I have never asked clients for a donation, until now. I am asking that you do me the favor of helping me raise at least $500.00 for the Arms Around Bainbridge Spin-a-thon 2013. My goal for this year is to raise at least $3,500.00 and ride my bike 3,000 miles. Our cycling team goal is to raise $50,000.00 and ride 50,000 miles. Please click on the link below and help me to meet our team goal in support of Arms Around Bainbridge.

Arms Around Bainbridge

The mission of Arms Around Bainbridge is to provide financial and emotional support to members of the Bainbridge Island community facing overwhelming burdens associated with a serious illness. Through direct person-to-person interaction, beneficiaries receive immediate assistance for basic human needs.

The all-volunteer organization accomplishes its work through community fundraising activities and partnerships, and by building local and regional awareness.

Arms Around Bainbridge support is implemented to specifically meet the individual needs of each beneficiary. Beneficiaries receive direct payment for expenses, such as:

  • Monthly rent or assistance with mortgage payments for housing
  • Utility bills such as electricity, water, phone, sewer
  • Grocery bills
  • Medical treatment or prescriptions not covered by insurance
  • Transportation costs to chemotherapy, radiation, or doctor’s appointments
  • Child care while at chemotherapy, radiation or doctor’s appointments
  • Health Insurance and Cobra Premiums.

Because Arms Around Bainbridge is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization with no physical location, our expenses are very low. Currently 90% of donations directly support beneficiaries.

Learn more about Arms Around Bainbridge

I am very personally and professionally passionate about helping people living with life-threatening illnesses like cancer. So much so, that I have a goal of riding my bike in the STP (Seattle to Portland, all 204 miles) on July 13. You can help me with your donation to Arms Around Bainbridge.

Please click here and help me support people
facing overwhelming burdens associated with a serious illness

Thank you for your generosity!

Ride with AAB Cycling

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