Golf Self Hypnosis by my colleague and friend Craig Sigl is this weeks featured affiliate product in the Hypnosis Health Info Store. Most elite athletes and sports teams use sports hypnosis for mental toughness, strength and endurance. With Golf Self Hypnosis you can discover the tour golfer’s secret to programming your game for ridiculous consistency. If you are serious about your golf game you’ll want Golf Self Hypnosis today.

Golf Self Hypnosis

My secret weapon is the same weapon and skill that the pros rely on ALL THE TIME. It’s self-hypnosis, real mental conditioning, that helps you:

  • Stay focused and in the present moment through ALL 18 holes
  • Bring your practice game over to the course with razor sharp accuracy and astounding consistency
  • Repeat your BEST SHOTS with EVERY club EVERY TIME you really need it
  • Stand over a putt and “see” the perfect target line to the hole
  • Trust your swings and strokes under pressure
  • Get up and down from the sand as easy as from the fringe as if there wasn’t a difference
  • Create a wall of mental toughness around you to bounce back from any bad shot
  • Slip into YOUR ZONE at the beginning of a round…and stay there the entire game
  • Eliminate the yips… Shanks… Blocking.. Pushing.. Pulling… get rid of ALL those repeated shots
  • Stand over a putt with that unconquerable feeling of KNOWING it will and always does go in
  • Put the chipping and pitching game on automatic pilot, dialing in distances quickly and easily in your mind

This is the essence of self-hypnosis on the golf course. This is the secret of the pros. And this is what I’m going to teach you to do.
~ Craig Sigl, Master Hypnotist

Golf Self Hypnosis ….. only for the serious golfer

You don’t have to be a golfer to use self hypnosis to improve your game in life.

Learn self hypnosis and program your game for ridiculous consistency.

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My game is ridiculously consistent.

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