If you don’t know what Power Minutes are, you are missing out. Power Minutes are 1 to 4 minute MP3 hypnosis downloads that you can put on your MP3 player and use on the go (but still not while you are driving, please!) Why Power Minutes when you can use written suggestions with self-hypnosis? Well, it feels really good to give yourself a shoulder massage, I don’t know about you but I’d really rather to go the massage therapist and let the therapist give me a really great massage. It feels so good! The problem is, I don’t have a lot of time to listen to 30 minute hypnosis recordings. But, I can get in a 1 to 4 minute hypnosis recording. Power Minutes are among the many health and wellness resources that are available in the Hypnosis Health Info Store.

Power Minutes Hypnosis MP3 Downloads

You will find that some of the Power Minutes are free and that others are .99 cents. I’ve selected to offer two popular .99 cent Power Minutes for FREE. So now is your chance to take advantage of of this special offer.

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(Regularly .99 cents)

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Empower yourself with quick on-the-go hypnosis recordings!

Now I have two requests of you: 1.) If you enjoy Power Minutes and find value in them, please tell me about it with your comments below. 2.) Email me with your own ideas for Power Minutes. I will tweak your ideas, record it, email the MP3 to you (for free) and then post it with the other Power Minutes for others to use. You can empower yourself with your own customized free hypnosis MP3 download.

Do you have the full 27 minute version of
Orange Blossom? Its free!

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I breathe and empower myself.

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