Is stress keeping you from your sleep? Can’t go to sleep? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep? Self-hypnosis for stress reduction can make a big difference in improving your ability to sleep. If insomnia is devastating your life, hypnotherapy may be the answer for you. Orange Blossom is my free 27 minutes hypnosis download to relax your stress away. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep is my MP3 download to lull you into a deep restorative sleep. Learn hypnosis and relax your stress away and sleep soundly through the night.

Many Sleep-Deprived Americans Blame Stress

From WebMD Health News Nov. 12, 2010: Millions of Americans say they’re not getting enough sleep and that the lack of shut-eye affects their personal relationships, job performance, and mental and physical health, according to a new study.

A global survey of more than 30,000 people in 23 countries commissioned by the Philips Center for Health and Well-Being shows that people in the U.S. have one of the highest rates of sleep deprivation. The survey finds that 37% of Americans feel they don’t get enough sleep. Only France at 45% and Taiwan at 50% had higher incidences of sleep deprivation.

What’s Keeping Us From Sleeping? 49% of Americans who don’t get enough sleep blame stress and worry. And Americans realize that not getting enough sleep affects their lives.

* 57% say sleep deprivation is a factor in their level of physical health.
* 48% say lack of sleep affects their mental health.
* 46% say it affects their home life.
* 43% say it affects performance on the job.
* 41% report that it affects their relationships with others.
* 34% say it affects their level of community involvement.

Americans, like people in most countries, report that they are dissatisfied with the amount of stress in their lives. In a question on stress in general, 66% of Americans said they worried about having enough money to pay bills.

Read Many Sleep-Deprived Americans Blame Stress

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