Got work stressGot work stress today? Hopefully not – it’s Memorial Day and I’m hoping that you are having a picnic with your family and friends or doing something else that is fun and relaxing. I’m hoping that today, you aren’t constantly checking your smart phone for emails and texts or receiving calls from work. If you are feeling stressed, I can teach you hypnosis stress reduction so that you can manage your stressors and flow with life easily and effortlessly. You can learn to use the resilient resources within you to manage the stress in your life.
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How to Deal With Stress at Work

HuffPost, by Jan Bruce, May 23, 2014: For the past four years, Everest College in Washington has conducted a “Work Stress Survey” to find out what weighs most on Americans about their jobs.

With a survey framed as pointedly as this, you’re apt to find what you’re looking for — but still, I found it unsettling. A full 80 percent of respondents said that something about their work elevated their stress levels. The top stressors were low pay, the commute, an unreasonable workload, and annoying colleagues.

Granted, low pay or a crushing workload are legitimate problems. Long commutes are hard on your health. The coworker who hogs the spotlight at every staff meeting without pulling her weight is crazy-making. But beneath the despair, there’s an assumption that needs questioning: the idea that work should be stress-free.

If there’s no stress, can you call it work?

Fact is, stress is what makes work possible. It gets you up in the morning, it helps fuel accomplishments and drive success. It’s stress (deadlines, proposals, even budget constraints) that pulls a team together. The point isn’t to eradicate stress at work, but to harness it. Enter: resilience. When you can use all your resources, internal and external, to rise to the occasion that stress presents, you are better able to cope with it.

Your work is one of the major facets of your life. You have a relationship with it, and it should and can be fruitful, rewarding, and even fun — and yes, sometimes a little tense, just like any relationship outside of work. And that’s okay.

Here’s how to keep stress from getting the
best of you at work:

Turn negatives into action.

Know your purpose — and your worth.

Own up to what you want.

Read How to Deal With Stress at Work

Using your resilient resources you can flow with life easily and effortlessly even when you have too much work to do and when the boss or coworker is driving you crazy. If you live too far away from Seattle or Bainbridge Island, together you and I can create a online program so that you can learn hypnosis for stress reduction.

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