I just couldn’t wait to Thanksgiving to do my Gratitude Dance for my health and for the fact that thanks to hypnosis, healthy eating and exercise I weigh 110 pounds less now than I did 15 years ago. Hypnosis, healthy eating and exercise are the cornerstones for my Slender For Life™ hypnotic weight loss program. Visit my Seattle weight loss or Bainbridge Island weight loss office to find out if you too can take excess weight off and keep it off.

I have have written and spoken on many occasions about the sheer pleasure and joy that I receive from being able to do so many physical activities. And, I am thrilled that joy just doesn’t wear off. After a long week at work, I went for a 20 mile fast-paced bike ride with a friend at 5:30 AM Friday morning. Saturday morning I picked my friend Stu up at 6:00 AM and we drove to the Olympic Mountains and went on a 15 mile round-trip hike on Tubal Cain trail and we ate lunch on Buckhorn Pass. Sunday I went for a 18 mile bike ride and came home and did yard work all day and Monday I was at the gym to pump iron at 5:00 AM and then mid day snuck in quick 12 mile bike ride. I just giggle inside and out that I can do this. I am so grateful. Life is abundant!

Hypnosis, healthy eating and exercise have allowed me to keep the weight off for 14 years now. How about you? What would you express your gratitude for if you lost your excess weight? What is it for you that would be so compelling about living at your goal weight that would make your weight loss journey worthwhile? What would motivate you to exercise?

If you are one who is losing weight or has lost weight and kept it off, I’d love to hear from you about your gratitude for having lost weight. Please leave your comments and express your gratitude. Life is abundant, so celebrate!

If you want to experience the joy of weight loss, then consider Slender For Life™. If you live too far away, then together you and I can create a phone and/or Skype program for where ever you may live.

I promise – the Thanksgiving post will be the Gratitude Dance!

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I celebrate the abundance of life.

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