I came home yesterday and there were two cords of wood in my driveway waiting for me to stack. I almost cried.  On top of everything else I have to do this weekend, I have two cords of wood to load into a wheel barrow, push to my wood pile and stack. Yes, I am the one that ordered the wood. Yes, I am the one that had been bugging the kid that hauls the wood to bring it for the past month. I got what I wanted. But now the work.

When I came home from my office yesterday I went out and hauled ten loads before dinner. That was actually very therapeutic. I really do enjoy the mindlessness of hauling, stacking and splitting wood. And, I love my chain saw! As I was hauling I thought of The Gratitude Dance that I saw on YouTube. I remembered to give thanks for the wood that I was hauling and I did a little dance. Most of the wood is still in the driveway for me to stack today, but I will do it with a lighter heart. Do The Gratitude Dance, you will feel better!