Being the Greatest Expression of You

Being the Greatest Expression of You even when you don’t want to is a true sign of your greatness. If you are like me, you have those moments of being tired, sad, hurt or angry when you just want to act out what you are feeling.

From my perspective, that’s being human. Anger, hurt, fear and sadness are all a part of the human experience. Just like love, happiness and joy, are normal natural emotions and it is OK to feel them and at times express them.

Being the Greatest Expression of You is NOT about stuffing or denying your emotions. It is about allowing yourself to feel what you feel and then move through it. It’s about learning and growing from the challenges you face.

Being the Greatest Expression of You

Life happens

Yes, Life happens. There are those times when everything goes wrong and you feel victimized. You may feel that you have the right to your pity. You know intellectually that you do have a choice. You can wallow in your pity or you can show up and be your best self and move on. But, there is that part of you that doesn’t want to be your best self – it wants to temper tantrum.

Protect and love by being your best self

I remember years ago in our local grocery store there was a boy about 3 or 4 years old sitting in the grocery cart. His mom was next to the cart picking out vegetables. This boy caught my attention with his long curly red hair. He reminded me of our youngest son. He and I smiled at each other.

We passed several times in the store but in the canned beans isle I heard a blood curdling scream. I looked at the other end of the isle and there was this same boy and his mom. He was on the floor having a full blown temper tantrum and she looked mortified. She tried to talk to him and pick him up. He was wrapped up in his emotion and kicked and screamed. Holding him, she looked at her cart full of groceries, left them there and took him outside to calm him.

As I was in the checkout line, I saw her placing him in his car seat, still kicking and screaming. She closed the door, looked forlornly at the store, and got in the car. As I walked out, I saw her drive away. Her cart of groceries left behind.

I felt badly for the mom and I admired her. Even though she didn’t get her groceries, she did what she needed to do to protect her child.

I frequently share this story with clients. The young child in you may be having a full blown temper tantrum and may even feel that you have the right to have one. But you, as the loving and nurturing parent can choose to protect that part of you that’s hurting and love it by being your best self.


Greatness is recognizing your thoughts and emotions and even recognizing that you “don’t want to be your best self”. You may even be thinking that you have earned the right to temper tantrum. Recognize that, acknowledge it. Embrace it. Learn and grow from each challenge you face. And, being like that mom, move through it being your best self. At that point, you have the power to accept the things you cannot change, change the things that you can and the wisdom to know the difference. That is true greatness.

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I learn and grow from each challenge I face.


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