Saved my marriage

“Your Becoming the Greatest Expression of You saved my marriage,” wrote a woman from Joplin, MO. A couple of weeks ago I asked how you had benefited from the Greatest Expression of You process. I am filled with gratitude with your responses.

This woman gave me permission to share her letter, but asked that I not disclose her name.

“I saw one of your Becoming the Greatest Expression of You posts on Facebook almost two years ago. What I read intrigued me so I subscribed to your daily blog posts. I especially look forward to a new Greatest Expression post each Sunday.

At that point in time, my husband and I had been married just over seven years. Our relationship was struggling. We loved each other, but we weren’t very nice to one another.

I felt ignored by him and he thought that all I did was nag him. The truth is that the more ignored I felt the more I nagged him. And, the more I nagged, the more he ignored me. We argued more than we showed our love.”

Saved my marriage

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I am happy, loving and kind.

Greatest Expression of Me

I used lipstick to write on my bathroom mirror the greatest expression of me. At that time, it was simple, but powerful. I wrote, “I am happy, loving and kind.” My husband gave me the eye but didn’t comment.

Each morning I meditated on being happy, loving and kind. I memorized the joy I felt when we were dating, on our wedding day and during that first year of marriage. I mentally rehearsed being happy, loving and kind with my husband and in other areas of my life.

I again mentally rehearsed being happy, loving and kind before greeting him when we came home from work.

Unknowingly, in the past I had been mentally rehearsing feeling ignored and hurt to the point that when I saw him I was already angry and picked a fight.

Those first few days we didn’t know how to be with each other. My husband was cautious around me and kept waiting for me to lash out at him.

Quickly our relationship changed

We were both surprised by how quickly our relationship changed. He responded to my loving kindness with love and kindness. We laughed together, held hands and made love like we were on our honeymoon.

Out of curiosity, my husband began reading your Greatest Expression of You posts and I soon saw a sticky note on his bathroom mirror.

Thanks to this process we are happily married. We are best friends and we treat each other with love and kindness. Had we not changed, I think that we would have been divorced by now.

Your process saved my marriage! Thank you.”

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