Getting toned arms and legs sounds like a job for Mr. Nautilus. But Mr. Peach?

Maybe. Seems potassium-rich produce — like peaches — gives your muscles what they need to stay toned, healthy, and able to do their jobs.

It’s a balance. A diet heavy in proteins and cereal grains can cause blood to become too acidic. When this happens, muscle tissue can waste away. Fruits and vegetables, though, make your body’s pH more alkaline — mostly thanks to their high potassium content. So it makes sense that people in a recent study who loaded up on potassium-rich produce had more lean muscle mass than their produce-shirking peers.

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For more information on sports nutrition, read Raisins vs Sports Gels.

What are you doing for your sports nutrition?

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I enjoy a healthy balance of fruit, vegetables and whole grains. 

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