My Commitment To You

GUARANTEEAll products by Roger Moore Ph.D. are covered by the following guarantee. All other products are covered by the individual guarantees of their creators.

I won’t guarantee you success–that would be unethical of me since I can’t guarantee human behavior. And, I’m certainly not going to mislead you with some nonsense about 100% success rates. But I do believe in what I am offering here. When you use it, hypnosis can change your life. I stand behind my products, so if for any reason you want to return a CD you purchased from me, you have 90 days to return it, and I will issue a full refund.

Purchases made with a 90-day money back guarantee will be honored within a year, regardless of any changes in policy. You will still be bound to the maximum number of returns allowed at the time of your purchase.

The number of items allowable for refund or exchange in our 90-day guarantee may vary or be changed as we feel it is needed. reserves the right to change or modify this return policy at any time.