Happy Father's Day From Roger Moore of Seattle Hypnosis

My Dad, Sherman Moore, watering his garden on his 90th birthday

Happy Father’s Day from Roger Moore of Seattle hypnosis! This is a bittersweet Father’s Day for me. My 92 year-old Dad is in a hospital recovering from a heart attack. I have relied heavily on emotional hypnosis healing this week using the Light Switch self-hypnosis technique. Learn how to hypnotize yourself with one of the hypnosis techniques here at Hypnosis Health Info and create emotional equanimity in your life.

The conversations this week have roller coasted from my Dad’s immanent death to talk of him being discharged and sent to a care center for the remaining weeks of his life. My 87 year old mom is exhausted from long days in the hospital and after 68 years of marriage they are inseparable – so convincing her to stay home and rest is nearly impossible.

My dad was a farmer and my memories of him are as a strong, lean and muscular man who could fix most anything and had no problems tearing into something he didn’t know how to do and figuring it out. Very different than the frail man today uses a walker and wheelchair and is sometime confused. It is hard to reconcile these differences.

Throughout this week I have been able to remain calm and focus on the tasks at hand. In addition to prayer, several times each day I have used the Light Switch self-hypnosis technique for mental and emotional strength. The power of hypnosis healing has help calm my thoughts and emotions.

You can easily learn how to hypnotize yourself with the hypnosis techniques available to you here at Hypnosis Health Info and create mental and emotional peace in your life.

Take time today and remember the good things about your dad. Be sure to say “I love you” to the people in your life who are important to you. To all the dads throughout the world I wish you a Happy Father’s Day!

To my sons, I wish you a fun & joyous day and thanks for being such great dad’s to my granddaughters.

Dad, I love you. Thanks for all you have taught me and thank you for your love and support for me.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I cherish the people in my life.

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