Happy Thanksgiving!

Did you know that a routine gratitude practice creates a healthful and self-perpetuating cycle in your brain? The more you purposefully count your blessings, the easier it is to count them as they happen. Your brain adapts to this mindset. Think of it as your brain having a gratitude muscle that becomes stronger when exercised.

Today let’s all do the Gratitude Dance and joyfully give thanks for all the abundance in life.


What Is It That Makes Gratitude So Powerful?

In my book, Becoming the Greatest Expression of You, I wrote, “Think about this: When do you say “Thank you”? After you receive, correct? You are already hardwired to believe you have received the gift for which you express thanks. When you say, “Thank you,” your unconscious mind assumes you have already received the gift, compliment, or other gesture someone gives you.

I encourage weight loss clients to give thanks every day for already being at their healthy ideal weight. When you do this, you start eating and acting as if you are slender because your body believes that this future event has already happened or is happening to you in the present moment. In this state of gratitude, you receive.

Neuroscience tells us that the practice of gratitude rewires your brain and creates a cocktail for wellness. When you give thanks, you receive a shot of dopamine. This feels so good that, of course, you want more. You also receive a swig of serotonin, which is the happy molecule. Like an anti-depressant, it enhances your mood, willpower, and motivation. The more you activate these “gratitude” circuits, the stronger these neural pathways become. You also become more likely to recognize and appreciate all that is right in your life instead of habitually looking at what’s wrong.”

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I am filled with love and overflowing with joy and gratitude.
I am happiest when I share these blessings.

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