Burger King warns of grilled chicken cancer risk according to the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM). At the Seattle weight loss program Slender For Life™ I advise clients to avoid fast foods, processed foods and animal proteins. Can’t imagine that? That’s where hypnotherapy comes in. With Becoming Slender For Life and the Becoming Slender For Life hypnosis CD set you can easily learn how to hypnotize yourself with the Light-Switch self-hypnosis technique. Learning hypnosis is easy here at Hypnosis Health Info with the many free hypnosis articles, free hypnosis MP3 downloads and free hypnosis videos. With Slender For Life™, hypnosis for weight loss really works!

The Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM) in it’s Winter 2009 Good Medicine that Burger King is the first of seven national restaurant chains to settle a lawsuit filed by PCRM over PHIP, a dangerous carcinogen found in the companies’ grilled chicken.

The lawsuit was filed after an independent laboratory tested 100 grilled chicken samples from chain locations throughout California. Burger King’s Tendergill Chicken Sandwich was found to contain PhIP.

You know, I don’t get it. I know that we are all busy – and we don’t have much time. But with all we know about fast food, it amazes me how many people continue to eat grilled chicken, hamburgers, fries, soda and malts! I do understand the it is hard to find as many calories per dollar as you can at Burger King and McDonald’s and that some people cannot afford fresh vegetables and fruit – I worked long enough with Emergency services, hot meals and food banks to understand that – but, I do not understand people who show up at the drive-thru in new cars and who can afford to purchase fresh vegetables, fruit and whole grains. If my clients can afford me, they can afford something other than fast food.

I do understand that people like the salty greasy taste of fast food and get hooked on it. And that is where at the Seattle weight loss program Slender For Life™ I show clients various tools and techniques such as Windows (be sure to watch tomorrow’s post) and all of my clients learn how to hypnotize with the Light Switch Self Hypnosis technique.

My book Becoming Slender For Life and the Becoming Slender for Life hypnosis CD set provide you the tools that you need to end your desires for fast food and other unhealthy foods and drinks that keep you from doing what you say you want to be doing. Take back the power you gave away to food and check out Slender For Life™. Call for your free hypnosis consultation.

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